Avantys Health, a company committed to the environment

Avantys Health has adopted an eco-friendly approach to protect our planet. As such, we operate in a way which enables us to help build communities that are environmentally aware and conscious of sustainability issues.

To reduce the environmental impact and simplify the life of our policyholders, we have chosen to limit the use of natural resources through the implementation of our mobile app, Avantys I-Claim.

This tool allows our customers to access their documents wherever they are, using their internet-connected devices, thereby reducing the use of paper and plastic.


Always further

We are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated by our teams’ business travel by using videoconferencing with our customers and partners.

Each year, we also participate in the financing of an innovative environmental charity or project.

As part of our efforts to save energy, we have installed LED lighting in our offices and provided our teams with low energy consumption equipment.

Our partners