Look after the health of employers
and their employees anywhere in the world.

With company executives looking to best look after the health of their employees in mind, Avantys Health has put together a range of products specifically for companies and designed to ensure peace of mind during international assignments for employer and employee alike.

Flexible or custom-built, our corporate offer is specifically designed to adapt to the needs of employees and their new surroundings, while considering the company budget.

Our solution :

Avantys Global Health Business: A comprehensive offer built around the needs of employers and their employees to ensure their peace of mind during international assignments.

Who we cover:

  • Employers and entrepreneurs
  • Seconded employees, expatriates or professionals on assignment abroad
  • Self-employed professionals, tradespersons and craftsmen and women
  • ONG
  • NGOs (Non-governmental organizations)
  • Embassy Personnel

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